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Probably the most popular punk band from Chile they play finest Melodycore in the vein of BAD RELIGION, DESCENDENTS or NO USE FOR A NAME since 1991.



was a Punk / Hardcore band from Waidhofen/Ybbs (Austria, Europe) 1993-2002.

Formed by 4 school-kids with a heavy heavy-metal background then the band was called EAT MY SHORTS and played melodic Punk-Rock in the vein of BAD RELIGION, the RAMONES, ANTiSEEN and many covers. U.S. hardcore bands like DEAD KENNEDYS, MDC, NO MEANS NO (can) or MINOR THREAT were a big influence as well as german bands like BOXHAMSTERS or GRAUE ZELLEN and a serious D.I.Y.-scene in Austria of the early 90ies with KURORT or THOSE WHO SURVIVED THE PLAGUE. Later they called the band EGO.MEANS.SURVIVAL. but most of the time it was just E.M.S. anyway. They played more than 100 shows in squats and youth-centres in Austria & the neighbour countries and released several split-vinyls and tapes on various D.I.Y.-labels.

The singer also joined the viennese band RADIKALKUR in 1998 and together with their singer they started this label/mailorder BLOODSHED666 here and engaged in setting up shows for other D.I.Y.-bands at the EKH in Vienna and the youth-centre BAGGER in Waidhofen/Ybbs.

The label itself released 3 records by the band (in cooperation with other labels): a split 7″ with RADIKALKUR, a split LP with NULA (Croatia) and a split LP with BBS PARANOICOS (Chile). The split 7″ E.M.S. / RADIKALKUR was the birthday for BLOODSHED666.


Here you can find all the recordings that were ever released by the band:


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