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Cyruss – Hate Dies Last – Lp / digital (7.6.2023, 3 coloured vinyl red/black/green, 205 copies, bs 23)


1. Despair (2:52)
2. No Survival Can Be Tolerated (3:08)
3. Rotten Silver (8:02)
4. From Vienna With Hate (4:18)
5. Sweet Revenge (6:31)
6. The Product (7:46)


The Stoner/Sludge/Hardcore band was a vital part of the Viennese scene in the mid-2000s over the period of 2 albums. They played with bands of their time like KYLESA, DOZER, ATOMIC BITCHWAX, THE OCEAN, SUMA, CULT OF LUNA, HIGH ON FIRE, PELICAN, THEMA 11, WEEDEATER or A STORM OF LIGHT. As an “Arena” basement band they were part of the legendary event series ROADTRIP TO OUTTA SPACE at the “Arena” in Vienna at the very beginning. They disbanded in 2009.

In 2017 they reanimated the band to play with BONGZILLA, a band which they cherish very much. This was meant to be a one-off thing, however it resulted in the foundation of follow-up project DESOLAT. CYRUSS still play live occasionally.

At the apex of Covid bore-out in Winter 2020/21 it was decided to prepare for a visit to the studio to record a new release. 5 old songs that had never been recorded were dug out, the arrangements were reworked and refined, and even a new song was written and recorded.

So now it is 2023, and 14 years after the actual disbanding, and 16 years after the emergence of the second album „Hate Songs“ a new third (mini)album aptly titled „Hate Dies Last“ is going to be released. Thanks to Covid. A last sign of life in the form of a physical release to round up the history of this band.

CYRUSS – Hate Dies Last

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