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Cyruss – Hate Songs – Cd / digital (14.2.2007 / 1.12.2015, Bloodshed666, blood # 10)


1. Why Dance When Falling (3:02)
2. To The Static (4:25)
3. Totally Screwed Up (3:55)
4. The Owner Of The Shit (3:16)
5. His Own Trap Killed The Man (3:45)
6. Distortion Of Men (5:39)
7. Silence Is Balm (5:20)
8. Locked (7:23)


The trio from Erdberg/Vienna existed from 2004-2009 and played brutal Stoner Rock & Sludge. Emerging from the practice room cellars of the legendary live-venue „Arena Wien” they regulary accompanied the by then upcoming concert-series „Roadtrip To Outta Space”.

Influences were bands like Eyehategod, Dystopia, Bongzilla, Entombed, Iron Monkey, Kyuss, High on Fire, Bolt Thrower or Unsane. The lyrical content is fragmentary and of misanthropic, dystopian and anarchist nature.

The band has toured Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Croatia. They shared stages with Cult Of Luna, Suma, Kylesa, Pungent Stench, Dozer, High On Fire or Weedeater. In 2008 they contributed several songs to the soundtrack of “Saila“, the award-winning, dystopian Berlin-Punk-Underground film.

They released 2 albums, “Hate / Human” in 2005 and “Hate Songs” 2007. Both albums were recorded live within very short time which was certainly beneficial to their rough charm.

Since 2017 they show up live again on a rare and irregular basis and even released a Corona bore-out (mini)album with 5 old and 1 new song in 2023.


CYRUSS - Hate Songs

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