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bs15: NIVE – “Employee Of The Day” Cd/digital (12.6.2015)


01. Abused (2:16)
02. Wrong Game (0:53)
03. Infantile Existence (1:49)
04. Agony (1:06)
05. Addicted To Solitude (1:20)
06. Fuck All Others (1:02)
07. Mercenary (1:58)
08. Run (2:16)
09. Doom (1:06)
10. Teenage Rebellion (0:46)
11. Violence (1:19)
12. Grand Disagreement (3:54)
13. Disease (2:16)
14. Arrogance Is Appropriate (1:43) 


During a phase of personal confusion & consolidation and a retro-romantic fit in 2009/10, Alfred Wihalm, (ex-)singer/guitar player of bands such as E.M.S., Radikalkur, Cyruss, desolat & Phal:Angst, wrote a punk rock album and recorded & arranged it with fellow punkers. This album, which is strongly influenced by young age- and still today-heroes like Bad Religion and Dead Kennedys, comprises 14 songs that come to the point quickly and pay tribute to their ancestors. 

Involved were Mops Breitwieser (Brambilla, Target Of Demand, Those Who Survived The Plague, No Fish On Friday, Grant, The Rats), Uzn (Brambilla, Knallkopf), Klaus Hoffmann (Radikalkur, Cyruss) and Chri Reitmann (Brambilla, Artificial Pesticides). In 2010/11, the songs were trashed live on a harddisk without much fuss, mixed and mastered by Farid Leonhardsberger (Faradise Studios, Radikalkur). After 4 years of maturating in the cellar, it’s made accessible to the world in 2015 and called “Employee Of The Day”. 

There was a lovely release party together with DIM PROSPECTS & Djs Brrrnje & Pipo on 12th June 2015 at the Arena-3-Raum in Vienna. On 9th August 2015 a solo acoustic version was performed at the Arena Beisl.


Nive doesn’t exist as a real band but was only a studio-fun-project.

NIVE – Employee Of The Day

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