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The 3rd Album by the viennese Band. File between Industrial, EBM, Post-Rock and Doom and bands like Earth, Mogwai, Coil, Front 242 and Neurosis. Industrial/EBM-influenced electronics are accompanied by guitar and vocals, where the latter increasingly explore realms of Pop. Synths and E-bass form a bass-heavy fundament, forcing the stereo to ventilate. Kaoss-Pad, harp & xylophone serve as additional phonetic elements, resulting in a cinematic dystopia set to push the boundaries of musical extremity. 

“Black Country” was recorded by Alexandr Vatagin (Valeot Records, Slon, Tupolev, Port Royal, Werner Kitzmüller) and mastered by Austrian Techno pioneer Patrick Pulsinger. The stunning artwork was done by Christopher Sturmer (Stirn Prumzer, Atzgerei). “Black Country” was released as a gorgeous Double Gatefold Vinyl, Digipack-CD and digitally.  It is accompanied by the remix album “Black Country Revisited” featuring chra, Electric Indigo, David Pfister, Rokko Anal, Tronstoner, Swallowredrain and Bastard Sun. 

PHAL:ANGST - Black Country

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