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The new album „Black Country“ is accompanied by the remix album „Black Country Revisited“. Seven artists did remixes of all tracks featured on „Black Country“. They were completely free to modify the songs as they wanted, resulting in a diversified album. Artists are: Electric Indigo (female:pressure), David Pfister (Devil & The Universe, Neigungsgruppe Sex, Gewalt & Gute Laune, Radio Fm4), chra (female:pressure, Comfortzone, Shampoo Boy, SV Damenkraft), Tronstoner (NSA, Nitro Mahalia, Calamari:Autopsy, Sensual Love, Dieter von Kroll Experience, EyeBM), Bastard Sun (Adaevarath, Create & Destroy Press), Rokko Anal (Rokko’s Adventures, Rokko Anal & The Coathangers) & Andrej from Swallowredrain.  

Phal Angst Black Country Revisited

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