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Like critically acclaimed „Black Country“ (2014) „Phase IV“ was recorded by Alexandr Vatagin (Valeot Records, Slon, Tupolev, Port Royal, Werner Kitzmüller) who also served as co-producer this time.
It was mastered by Alex Psaroudakis, mastering engineer from Brooklyn/New York, who worked for „Sterling Sound“ (one of the world’s top mastering studios) till 2017 and has been a freelancer since then. He won 3 Latin Grammy Nominations, 1 Goya, Best Jazz LP at the Akademia Music Awards, he worked for BUSTA RHYMES, KALASH, GREEN VALLEY and many others.

The Remixes:
Following their release tradition this album also includes some remixes. This time the band managed to make one of their dreams come true and get remixes from artists who have inspired the band substantially.
One is by industrial-metal pioneer JUSTIN BROADRICK (GODFLESH) who also made substantial impacts in grindcore (NAPALM DEATH), post rock (JESU) and experimental hip hop / dubstep (TECHNO ANIMAL). The second one is by WILL BROOKS aka MC DÄLEK from DÄLEK, who revolutionized hip hop by merging it with ambient, noise- & krautrock at the beginning of the millenium.


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