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Startet in 1995 as “IRGENDWANN SICHER” and were a typical Deutsch-Punk band then. Became more aggressive and played metalized german Hardcorepunk in the vein of BAFFDECKS, RECHARGE, RAWSIDE, DRITTE WAHL. Towards the end it was quite diversified hardcore. Split up 2003.


1997: Willkommen in Österreich (tape, as IRGENDWANN SICHER)
1998: Irgendwann sicher (tape)
1998: split 7″ “Erkenne dich selbst…” w E.M.S. (3 songs from the “Irgendwann sicher”-tape)
1999: Ruhelos (3 song CDr)
2003: split LP w JASON



Highly energetic, fast and tricky Hardcore band from Rio de Janeiro / Brazil. Mainly active in the early 2000s. They impressed us on their european tour 2001 and we did the split LP with them and our band RADIKALKUR. They are still a bit active and for our label compilation in 2018 they gave us a fresh recorded song.


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